Seedling Plant Starts

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How about growing your own with seedling plant starts from the same seed that produces Big Branch Valley Farm’s Fresh Produce.

What seedlings would you like to see us offer?

1 review for Seedling Plant Starts

  1. Linda Starr

    Definitely want romaine and red leaf lettuce for early planting.

    Also want shishito, poblano, dill, basil, and parsley seedlings for later planting.

    I grew Gypsy pepper this past year and they did very well here, so please consider those and chili de arbol.

    Consider growing San Marzano, Juliet Roma, Black Prince, also others, like yellow pear, chocolate sprinkles, sun sugar.

    I grow in raised bins and don’t get as much sun as I’d like, so smaller tomatoes do best in my location.

    Flower seedling recommendations are amaranth, globe thistle, statice, strawflower, money plant (lunaria).

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