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We know there’s many of you who have enjoyed the Big Branch Valley Farm CSA (community supported agriculture) over the years. We also know there’s quite a few others who have inquired about joining for the first time in 2022.

When we are operating your farm for the first season right now, we’re sorry, we’re afraid we just can’t allow you to make that great a commitment to us. We’ll see about doing it in 2023.

In the meantime we will continue to produce your favorite fresh produce selections.


7 reviews for CSA Memberships

  1. Martin

    The produce looks yummy. I want the CSA this year. It sounds like it’s been a big hit, and sold out early, the last ten years running.

  2. Jerome

    We have been very happy with the produce that we have gotten from Big Branch Valley Farms over the years and hope to continue with them.

  3. Diana Creek Barton

    I have had CSA from other Farms and Ranches for about 10 yrs. I would like to give yours a try this year. Looking for local fresh, and mostly organic fruits and vegetables.

  4. Jean

    We have been very happy with our CSA membership this year. We very much enjoyed our weekly trips to the farm. Glad to hear the farm will still be in operation and that we may get to continue getting wonderful fresh organic produce.

  5. Daniel Price

    I have enjoyed the CSA over the past few years and hope to continue this year. Will you be sending out invites to customers from the previous years or do I need to keep checking back?

  6. Janet

    We have loved the csa over the past 3 years and are hoping the new owners are going to offer one again.

  7. Judy

    Would love to know when it’s time to sign up for CSA next year and prices

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